Monday, January 27, 2014

My New Project

So this is my big year of change. I've started my very own English school in a part of my prefecture (state or province) that doesn't have many schools around, during the last two weeks I've had thirty nine trial students come in and more then a dozen sign up and prepare for February lessons. I've decided to dedicate one section of my office to Santa Claus and set up my Santa Claus operation from there.
Since I discovered that I would have a bit of free time during the evening times and the occasional day time breaks between jobs, I've decided to start my suit project.
I want to turn this
 into a proper suit. At the moment it's just a pull over costume. The real nice part about this suit is that it's embroidered. The pullover is Velvet with no lining, my plan is to add a lining and to also turn this into a proper Santa Claus jacket. Today I was able to find new Faux Fur here in Japan. I was so happy to have found it and at a reasonable cost. I bought 5m x 1m (I think I may have bought more then I need) Time to get out the stitch rippers.

What I'm Hoping For

I'm hoping to take the half cape off, and put a peter pan collar on the suit, I am also planning on removing all the fur and replacing it with thicker and better looking fur. Lastly I will be turning this into a jacket. I am still working out the type of fastener I will use. I am also thinking to use the material from the cape to fashion myself a new hat. The hat that came with the suit is too short.

How This Is Going To Be Done
I am planning to do all the removal and hem stitching. Once I'm satisfied with what I've got I'll pass it over to a seamstress to do the machine sewing of the hems and to add the lining.

Thank You Too
Thank you too everyone at ClausNet for having such a great place to hang out in and get wonderful ideas for a project like this. I want to say a special thank you to Eileen Strom, for taking the time to send photos, links and a lot of useful information my way in regards to this suit surgery.

More updates and pictures on this as the project unfolds.

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